Yes, some more of this!

Today was a great morning. There was silence, no one was awake to talk to me. It was bliss. When I went outside I could hear nothing, and the fog covered it all. I like these days because no one can tell you how to live your life.
Great Story chap.
I want to welcome everybody that sees this page to examine their own life and see how other people influence their lives. It is quite wicked how much social acceptance is needed in our psychology.
look deep into your soul and look for your own desires.
Yes, I can see that you have some thoughts that are not acceptable by the community. But you wait, you will have the time to be what you want to be.
Live life like a recovering teenage girl, after a suicide phase. Once life throws something at you that you find a way to over come.
Yeah, I know. 
So there, follow your own stars. When you are at the top, that is when you can rest... and die for that matter.


Scooter said...

ARE YOU NOT AMUSED?! ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Gladiator! :D Following good read!

Johno said...

love that picture