Today at work I had a something particularly odd. I was pushing the regular carts. My boss has me do this about two times a day. If I forgot to inform you, I work at a grocery store. It is cold these days, being the last days of Winter. During that time, I thought of many things, many that involved being sad and not into my job. But for no particular reason, I remembered some quotes that were really inspirational. And previously, I had encountered this video.
Life, Ain't It Mysterious?
Climb the tallest mountain

Then it hit me, "I should do what I want to do with my life, I may have physical limitations, such as the need for sleep and food, but no matter how I am 'feeling' I should not let my subjective thoughts get in the way." So then I continued doing my job but no longer in a bad mood. Yes, it is a corny story. But it happened. Why should anything get in the way of your happiness. There are people starving in some places of the world and they still find a way to be happy.
What do you think you can do to change your life around?

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