Today I found myself feeling I needed to something worthwhile. It was that common feeling that we all get once every few days. It is a sense of understanding time. When an individual has the notion of time, and understands how little time we have on this planet. We learn to prioritize. Some of us will find it quite difficult to do the things we must do, only because they are something that can be done at another time. This my friends is called procrastination. We have all had it at one time or another in our lives. It happens due to lack of self-discipline. Sadly but truly it is a sickness that affects us. I must say I endure it quite often, and I believe it is hell to get rid of it. I wish that I had more strength, will-power, something... that would be greater to endure the urge to do what is less difficult.
We all have that power.
"Keep fighting. No matter what."
What I do know is that we all have the power do be who we want to be. A lot of discipline is required. But It is true that it is just like a muscle, the more we exercise discipline, the easier it will become. If you really want it, you can make it happen. Look at what human kind has made, created, in his own image. (buildings) Well not really. But we have come far. You are one of them. Feel free to change your life.  Its you.
What is the obstacle that obstacle that is interfering with your success
Keep on surviving. 
"Become who you want to be"

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