It has caught my attention, some individuals that have taken things from stores. Now, when I am working; again, I work at a grocery store, I truly believe that stealing is a necessity for some. People need to eat, no matter what the circumstances. When people that are wealthy enough to buy a store with a single check. I do detest these people, not for who they are but for what they represent. When the wealthy are wealthy only due to birth, and the poor are dying due to chance. That is when I am angry at the way things are run on this planet. I strongly believe that we are all one people, that we are one nation, and that all people can eat. But that is not the way it is, unfortunately.

It's that time again.
'tis Gold.
I believe that the fight for survival is encountered constantly in today's world. It is imminent to see some sort of drastic change in the way we see things. Anyways, I sidetrack a lot. But the thing that I was talking about earlier was that shoplifting is only bad when the people that own the store are poor. I am talking about people that own the corner store, or people that own their own restaurant. Yes, other than that, you can go for the corporate pigs, yes. Go ahead, if you must.
May survival be with you, otherwise you go to jail.
What do you believe?

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