Human Trafficking

Today, there has been many reports of Human Trafficking. This is a sensitive issue, that involves the Aristocracy. How else could they afford the luxury of a sex slave? This is an issue that is fueled by the insatiable need for a human being to express their sexual pleasures. Is this what it all comes down to? Yes. A single emotion from a powerful leader can lead the whole nation into war, Greed, common among men, is one of the leading factors of war. This is unfortunate, and greatly subjective. Great armies die for a couple of more bucks in the pockets of the wealthy.
Political Activist. Maybe?
"the Voiceless"
What it comes down to, is Hobbes state of human nature. Where men will seek and destroy others that have the things they want. Simple yet complex thoughts. Maybe we can change these atrocities? This is a deep rooted problem that will not change, or stop any time soon, due to the fact that the people who perform this trade is wealthy, those with power are not easily swayed. It is only through drastic change, that this problem can be dealt with.

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