The Beginning

I am someone that is very different that is detected in modern society. What is the matter? The matter being the reality in this world. I use the word reality quite a lot these days. But it seems that people have perversions, they believe that they have well kept between their ears. I am here to tell you that we are all a little evil at times.

Real Truth
I am somewhat disgusted with what has been procured these days in the mouths of the fortunate. The reality is that these perversions are brought on by people, like you and me. We are part of a whole. We exploit our inner beings to be reflected in the faces of others, for our ultimate gain. What will end up happening is that we are at fault of our own demise.
Yes, I am quite a pessimist. There must be some sort of exhale, after breathing all this manure. 
Survive. No matter if you kill to live.


scorcher868 said...

Nothing wrong with being different, its what makes everyone who they are. Look forward to checking in on your page!

soundspirit23 said...

this picture.. it is.. wonderful