Coca-Cola, The Beginning

Today, in 1894, Coca-Cola bottled and sold its first drink. This is an important day, because Coca-cola, a billion dollar company began its expansion today. Coca-cola, selling sugar and caffeine to youngsters. Coca-cola is an important symbol for capitalism because it shows that if you sell crap that tastes good, it will be bought by the masses. 
The Black Waters of The Yankee Empire
Is it true that we have been diminished to what the companies can take money from. This system is something that John Locke would not like, because this society exploits the poor, and provides nothing but diabetes and death.
Am I right?

Human Trafficking

Today, there has been many reports of Human Trafficking. This is a sensitive issue, that involves the Aristocracy. How else could they afford the luxury of a sex slave? This is an issue that is fueled by the insatiable need for a human being to express their sexual pleasures. Is this what it all comes down to? Yes. A single emotion from a powerful leader can lead the whole nation into war, Greed, common among men, is one of the leading factors of war. This is unfortunate, and greatly subjective. Great armies die for a couple of more bucks in the pockets of the wealthy.
Political Activist. Maybe?
"the Voiceless"
What it comes down to, is Hobbes state of human nature. Where men will seek and destroy others that have the things they want. Simple yet complex thoughts. Maybe we can change these atrocities? This is a deep rooted problem that will not change, or stop any time soon, due to the fact that the people who perform this trade is wealthy, those with power are not easily swayed. It is only through drastic change, that this problem can be dealt with.


Today I found myself feeling I needed to something worthwhile. It was that common feeling that we all get once every few days. It is a sense of understanding time. When an individual has the notion of time, and understands how little time we have on this planet. We learn to prioritize. Some of us will find it quite difficult to do the things we must do, only because they are something that can be done at another time. This my friends is called procrastination. We have all had it at one time or another in our lives. It happens due to lack of self-discipline. Sadly but truly it is a sickness that affects us. I must say I endure it quite often, and I believe it is hell to get rid of it. I wish that I had more strength, will-power, something... that would be greater to endure the urge to do what is less difficult.
We all have that power.
"Keep fighting. No matter what."
What I do know is that we all have the power do be who we want to be. A lot of discipline is required. But It is true that it is just like a muscle, the more we exercise discipline, the easier it will become. If you really want it, you can make it happen. Look at what human kind has made, created, in his own image. (buildings) Well not really. But we have come far. You are one of them. Feel free to change your life.  Its you.
What is the obstacle that obstacle that is interfering with your success
Keep on surviving. 
"Become who you want to be"

Cultural Meaning

Culture, something that dictates most of some peoples lives, due to what it tells us to do. Things like this. Culture is said to be created due to the success in terms of survival. Imagine a scnenario, there is a group of sendentary peoples, they start practicing their cultural customs; such as religion, rituals and like things. Because they survived their practices survive with them. Culture is then kept because it is a succesfull way to survive.
What does this mean to you?

This gives you the power. To do what you want. In this day and age, survival has been made available to all people, although there is a problem in some areas of the world. Mordernity is that object that has dictated the possibility for free will. Now go out and perform! You must live your life how you want to live it. Now that I have informally dissected culture, now pick and choose what you like, there are so many! Duh.


It has caught my attention, some individuals that have taken things from stores. Now, when I am working; again, I work at a grocery store, I truly believe that stealing is a necessity for some. People need to eat, no matter what the circumstances. When people that are wealthy enough to buy a store with a single check. I do detest these people, not for who they are but for what they represent. When the wealthy are wealthy only due to birth, and the poor are dying due to chance. That is when I am angry at the way things are run on this planet. I strongly believe that we are all one people, that we are one nation, and that all people can eat. But that is not the way it is, unfortunately.

It's that time again.
'tis Gold.
I believe that the fight for survival is encountered constantly in today's world. It is imminent to see some sort of drastic change in the way we see things. Anyways, I sidetrack a lot. But the thing that I was talking about earlier was that shoplifting is only bad when the people that own the store are poor. I am talking about people that own the corner store, or people that own their own restaurant. Yes, other than that, you can go for the corporate pigs, yes. Go ahead, if you must.
May survival be with you, otherwise you go to jail.
What do you believe?


Today at work I had a something particularly odd. I was pushing the regular carts. My boss has me do this about two times a day. If I forgot to inform you, I work at a grocery store. It is cold these days, being the last days of Winter. During that time, I thought of many things, many that involved being sad and not into my job. But for no particular reason, I remembered some quotes that were really inspirational. And previously, I had encountered this video.
Life, Ain't It Mysterious?
Climb the tallest mountain

Then it hit me, "I should do what I want to do with my life, I may have physical limitations, such as the need for sleep and food, but no matter how I am 'feeling' I should not let my subjective thoughts get in the way." So then I continued doing my job but no longer in a bad mood. Yes, it is a corny story. But it happened. Why should anything get in the way of your happiness. There are people starving in some places of the world and they still find a way to be happy.
What do you think you can do to change your life around?

Yes, some more of this!

Today was a great morning. There was silence, no one was awake to talk to me. It was bliss. When I went outside I could hear nothing, and the fog covered it all. I like these days because no one can tell you how to live your life.
Great Story chap.
I want to welcome everybody that sees this page to examine their own life and see how other people influence their lives. It is quite wicked how much social acceptance is needed in our psychology.
look deep into your soul and look for your own desires.
Yes, I can see that you have some thoughts that are not acceptable by the community. But you wait, you will have the time to be what you want to be.
Live life like a recovering teenage girl, after a suicide phase. Once life throws something at you that you find a way to over come.
Yeah, I know. 
So there, follow your own stars. When you are at the top, that is when you can rest... and die for that matter.

The Beginning

I am someone that is very different that is detected in modern society. What is the matter? The matter being the reality in this world. I use the word reality quite a lot these days. But it seems that people have perversions, they believe that they have well kept between their ears. I am here to tell you that we are all a little evil at times.

Real Truth
I am somewhat disgusted with what has been procured these days in the mouths of the fortunate. The reality is that these perversions are brought on by people, like you and me. We are part of a whole. We exploit our inner beings to be reflected in the faces of others, for our ultimate gain. What will end up happening is that we are at fault of our own demise.
Yes, I am quite a pessimist. There must be some sort of exhale, after breathing all this manure. 
Survive. No matter if you kill to live.